Marianne Brachman worked with birth families at Catholic Charities of Kansas City- St. Joseph in Adoption and Mom’s Empowerment programs for almost 15 years.

Birthmothers are our daughters, sisters, girlfriends, and neighbors.

The adoption program at Catholic Charities is honored to work with women of all ages who come to us wanting a stable, loving and secure future for their babies when they are unable to provide it. Often, they are working hourly jobs, with at least one to three older children and just getting by monthly.

They have experienced stressful and often failed relationships with the birth fathers of their children and their current relationship may be unstable.  When an unexpected pregnancy is confirmed and the reality of a minimal or non-existent support system is clear to them, the stress level can be unbearable. They fear the hardship from adding one more child to their daily challenges that this baby will cause for her older children and even for the new baby.

Some of the mothers have serious physical and/or mental health diagnosis’ that they must manage and understand the limitations during the pregnancy.  Working with mothers on their physical and social histories allows them to give informed information for their infant’s future.

Each mother has her unique story but the universal theme is “wanting a better life for this baby than I could give,” as a 41-year-old mother of an older disabled son shared with the program. Catholic Charities’ Adoption program has seen mothers able to return to their academic goals, financially and physically stabilize and go forward post-adoption placement.

The adoption triad of birth mother, infant and adoptive families has been and continues to be life-changing and empowering for all. At Catholic Charities, we have been caring for children and families for over 140 years! Our agency began as an orphanage in 1879, and we have impacted thousands of families through our adoption services as a full-service licensed and accredited child-placing agency in Missouri. This long history of serving children and families shows the stability of our agency. Our longevity is one of many strengths to working with Catholic Charities.

If you want to learn more you can email us at, call us at 816-659-8235 or read more on our website

Those facing unplanned pregnancies can call 816-310-7051 at any time to reach a birthparent coordinator.


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