We had hoped to gather around the Feast of the Epiphany, but winter weather changed our plans! We’ll now gather in advance of Lent – on February 6th. Watch for complete details in an invitation to come.

In the meantime, however, some thoughts about our mission, our connection to the Magi, and our desire to see and serve Christ in all people. 

In the gospel of  Matthew it states that the Magi  “rejoiced with great joy when they saw the star.” I believe that the source of their energy, enthusiasm, and excitement was clarity. They had been looking for a sign. They saw it & followed. That clarity provided direction, purpose, happiness, and drive to seek out the Christ child.

In our work at Catholic Charities, we too have been given clarity.  Our clear call is to serve those in their moment of need.  It is energizing as we know who we are and what we must do.  And like the Magi we are called to be people of action, sharing the gifts God has given us.

The clarity of our mission is to serve the moment of crisis and lift to the dignity of self-reliance, through our more than 30 programs.

  • Through those programs, we are:
    • Helping bring life into the world by getting both birth mom and child healthy. Assisting either with a parenting or adoption plan.
    • Providing the dignity of work. We all want to be self-supportive.   To quote one of our friends who was incarcerated, and we helped to get employment.  He is now working and able to take care of his family.  “Being self-supportive I’ve never had it and it’s a big deal.”
    • House the low income, homeless, disabled. Seniors, Veterans, and their families. Chronically homeless.  Get them housed first then focus on the other challenges whether it be mental health, addiction, or physical challenges.   Journeying toward employment and self-reliance.

Watch these videos to learn more about our programs.

This all takes people.

We need staff to answer the 700 phone calls requesting rent and utility assistance every Monday, process the 400 families requesting supplemental food every month, care for the 75 birth moms & babies born last year and the 800 people housed across several programs.  The 11,000 lives touched by Catholic Charities over the course of a year requires financial support.

I am thrilled to announce that this year’s Chairs of the Celebration of Hope Ball, are Lamar & Rita Hunt. They have graciously offered a very rare opportunity… If we can raise $1.5M they will graciously match to get us to $2M. This new level of funding will enable us to continue and broaden the reach to those whom we serve.

Plus, this is the inaugural year at the Celebration of Hope Ball we will begin celebrating the next generation, presenting Juniors and Seniors in High School who have displayed acts of charity and sharing the light of Christ.  If you know of an outstanding boy or girl who should be considered, please let me know.

Also, in November we will have a new home at our Serve & Lift Center– previously St. Matthew’s church.  And I would love to give you a hard hat tour of the site as construction has started.

We have great momentum and clarity!

We have an extraordinary funding opportunity and appreciate your generous sponsorship to achieve the match.  Being like the Magi are all called to seek Christ for our salvation and share our gifts to further his kingdom and protect those in need. CLICK HERE to Become a Ball Sponsor! For sponsorship questions, contact Fred Darbonne – fdarbonne@ccharities.com 816.659.9292

In Solidarity,

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