We are grateful that Catholic Charities has been able to serve those at risk during this crisis. The economic shutdown has shown what most of us knew; many Americans are not in a financial position to absorb a crisis like an unexpected car repair, let alone unemployment with only a minimal amount of open businesses that might hire someone. Those most affected by the economic shutdown are hourly workers whose job couldn’t be performed remotely and fell under the category of “non-essential.”

Our relief work – helping with basic needs –will continue in earnest for the foreseeable future. As utility companies lift the “no shut off ” window, our clients who have fallen behind will no longer have a reprieve. They will be faced with two or three months of utility bills which will now become due. The same thing with rent: missing April and May rent payments means that the June rent becomes critically important – or the spectre of eviction will loom over their family.

Should there be a resurgence in infections as some health officials are suggesting may occur, weathering another round of closed businesses and stay at home orders may be devastating to an already stressed budget.

Thanks to your support, we will be here with emergency assistance. That’s the way we “serve”.

We also need to look ahead, and “lift.”

The road to recovery will be long and difficult.

For all those we serve, employment becomes key. Solid employment with a wage that meets their monthly needs and has opportunity for advancement is critical to surviving wide spread events like COVID. We will be here to provide employment services that help people get back to work, and create stability in lives that have been disrupted. The road to economic recovery will be slow, and families will need strong support to navigate to a place where they are stable.

With your support, your prayers, and your generous care for our neighbors, Catholic Charities pledges to be here for the long road ahead.

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