Catholic Charities Emergency Assistance Fund: Donate to Larry’s Legacy  

Catholic Charities Emergency Assistance Fund (CCEAF) is a local fund. The money is raised in our service area, primarily as a second basket collection every February in your parish, and all this money stays in our 27-county service area. This money supplements our Welcome Center and funds a variety of services for the most vulnerable in our community.

No one that seeks help at our Welcome Center is turned away. Our Welcome Center is the entry point to Catholic Charities for families coming to us for help. The Welcome Center provides immediate, critical care to families in crisis. There we can provide emergency food and hygiene products for one day, while connecting the family to our food pantry which provides food for the month. We can provide rent and utility assistance that helps prevent homelessness in our community. Many families need just a little help and can stay housed. It is incredibly hard to get housing once an evection is on your record. Assistance with diapers, formula and baby supplies are also available, as well as the connection to our Child and Family Services Department, which can provide ongoing support and resources to families in need.

The best part of the CCEAF fund, is the flexibility on who, when, and where it can help. As there are no grants or red tape. This year, Larry is the face of our CCEAF campaign. He is a real client of ours helped by CCEAF. A small contribution from CCEAF kept Larry off the street and he was able to live out his days in community housing. A donation to CCEAF is an easy way for anyone in our community to help, and every little bit helps! Follow along and learn how CCEAF helped Larry, and many others in NW Missouri.

Donate to CCEAF today:

Catholic Charities Emergency Assistance Fund: Donate to Larry’s Legacy  

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