By Chris Ice

By Chris Ice

Together, we are offered numerous opportunities to prepare for that glorious Easter morning

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There is great reward in charitable works

As we approach the Lenten season, I have begun reflecting on what I could do to put forth greater sacrifices for the glory of God. Usually, the first thing that comes to mind is fasting, but there is also great reward in charitable works for the poor.

Fr. Raneiro Cantalamessa, the Pope’s personal preacher, once said that “Christianity doesn’t begin by telling people what they must do, but what God has done for them. Gift comes before duty.” He was speaking about our love for God and our love for neighbor as responses to the love we have already received.

At Catholic Charities of Kansas City-St. Joseph, our employees are here because they love and understand the mission of “To Serve & To Lift.” Each day our team helps people regardless of their circumstance and seeks to lift them to the dignity of self-reliance. By performing this work, we not only help the person but become an invaluable resource to our communities.

Throughout this issue of our e-newsletter you will see the multiple ways we are helping to break the vicious cycle of poverty. We’ll ask you to connect with us through social media. We’ll extol the importance of reading to your child, of gaining employment that breaks the chains of generational poverty, and, we’ll highlight our success in tackling chronic homelessness.

Finally, I encourage you to remember Catholic Charities of Kansas City-St. Joseph in your Lenten sacrifices. We are always in need of prayer and volunteers to help us extend our outreach, and, of course, we would be grateful for your financial assistance. Please consider walking with us as we prepare for that glorious Easter morning where together we’ll bask in the radiance of Christ’s Resurrection.

God bless!

Chris Ice


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