Volunteer to make a difference

Volunteering can open your mind, your heart, your hands to helping your community and building a better future for all.

When you volunteer at Catholic Charities, you help us transform lives — and, you know what, you might even walk away transformed too!

Volunteering at Catholic Charities has brought me a great appreciation for all that I have in life and helping those in need is a firm reminder of what really matters… like family, friends, health, etc.  It has given me a chance to see my own life in a different light  —Roy Haas

Just how valuable are volunteers to our mission? Consider this

  • Volunteers donated over 4600 hours to Catholic Charities in 2019
  • The State of Missouri values a volunteer hour at $25.43, adding up to $116,708!

But the value we receive when you volunteer exceeds any dollar amount. No matter what you have to offer, Catholic Charities welcomes you.

How can I help?

  • Help us welcome guests at the annual Gala
  • Be part of our Christmas shining star project
  • Be a course monitor or registration worker at OutPace Poverty
  • Answer the call when we have a special need in the office
  • Pack hygiene or food bags for our Welcome Center

Yes, I want to Help!

More information? Contact volunteers@ccharities.com or call (816) 659-8205


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