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Their military service preserved our freedom. Help us serve their needs with a gift today.

Kevin, a military veteran, and his wife, Patty, thought that moving from their rural community to Kansas City, would improve their lives. Instead, they ended up sleeping in their truck each night, exhausted from a day of job searching.

An Internet search led them to Catholic Charities, who helped them navigate resources specially designed for veterans like Kevin. They received financial training, job search assistance, and temporary housing. Within a matter of days, both Patty and Kevin had landed new jobs and permanent housing.

Kevin and Patty’s experience serves as a reminder of how quickly a person’s life can turn around once they attain safe shelter. Catholic Charities is proud to honor the men and women who served their country by assisting them in their darkest times. Will you partner with us as we ensure no veteran ends up homeless? 

Honoring Our Heroes: Donate Now to Support Veterans in Need

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