Veteran Services

Catholic Charities of Kansas City-St. Joseph’s Veteran Services team is the premier veteran service organization in the region.
We are a Veteran led team from every branch of service; we have walked the walk.

Honoring Veterans & Restoring Lives

Rapid Housing Solutions for Homeless Veterans

We operate under a Housing First model – the belief that permanent housing is foundational, and once achieved, can help the person overcome life’s other obstacles such as unemployment, monetary or budgeting issues, substance abuse, or mental and physical health challenges.

The Housing First model often translates into rent and utility assistance, either short or long-term.

Last year, our Veteran Services team provided over $210,000 in rent and utility assistance.

This enables veterans struggling financially to remain housed. If a veteran does end up on the streets, then the Veteran Services team works to rapidly re-house them. Last year, 85% of veterans who participated in the Catholic Charities rapid rehousing program were successfully housed at the completion of the program and 93% were still in their home six months later!

Services include:

  • Housing case management
  • Emergency assistance
  • Health Care Navigator
  • Employment services
  • One-on-one counseling
  • Social Security benefit assistance
  • Assistance with other resources/referrals 

For more information on our Veteran Services, contact us at 816-659-8263 or email

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