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As 2021 draws to an end, let us think of all the starfish we have encountered along our journey this year. Were you the child? Or were you the man? At Catholic Charities, we have a very steady line of starfish coming to us. They are scared, hungry, needing shelter, needing a star thrower – just one person to extend a helping hand.

Please join us, as we introduce you to Marie over the next few months. Marie used to have a job and she worked hard. She showed up every day. She went home every night. Life wasn’t easy, she had a history of trauma and physical abuse, but she had children to raise. All of that ended with the layoff. Now, Marie is bouncing from place to place. At times, when there isn’t room for her, she has no place at all.

She knows she could put her life back together if she isn’t worrying about where to stay each night. This is not the life Marie envisioned for herself. She wants to work, but without stable housing, employers are afraid to hire her. This world has turned upside down when she was not expecting it, and she is lost.

Marie needs a star thrower.

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Be A Star Thrower: DONATE

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