By Brent Morris

By Brent Morris

Many of our clients are not dealt a great hand of cards, but if we can provide an ACE up their sleeve, they can win a game they have lost before.

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A client comes to Catholic Charities and says they need help finding a job. What do we offer this client? Unlike what many may think originally, we don’t simply have a list of jobs waiting for folks to come in to fill them. Our work is designed to empower and lift clients to dignity of self-reliance. So, what do we offer to clients to help obtain the prize – a good job? We offer several things!  

The first thing the client receives is Acceptance.

Many of our clients have suffered from the slings and arrows of life, and many times those troubles have been self-inflicted. A large portion of our clients are ex-offenders and have been judged harshly for their choices, made to feel ashamed or embarrassed. This client population often has the hardest time finding employment to sustain themselves, without anyone to listen to or advocate for them. Our first step is to treat them with respect and without judgment. How or what they have done is not important: what matters now is that they are willing to do the hard work for a better life.  

The second thing we provide is Content.

Clients who participate in our Employment Workshop are provided with an interactive, fun presentation meant to highlight the skills and value that each person can bring to an interview or job. For clients coming from chronic poverty, homelessness, and crime, their narrative has repeatedly told them they are low-skilled and without value. Through use of proven techniques and information, each student receives content that will give them a head start in interviews and job searches. Information provided includes how to make a good first impression, skills development, tips for interviews, how to answer difficult questions, how to keep a job, and ends with making commitments to yourself.  

Thirdly, we provide Education.

Immediately following our Employment Workshop, we offer clients a Resume Workshop where we help polish an existing resume or develop one from scratch if the client does not have one. This time is meant to help clients translate their newly realized skills and value to paper. From this, clients learn how to be self-advocates as they apply for jobs and begin interviewing.  

Finally, and throughout the process, we offer Support.

This support is vital, as many of our clients experience a variety of twists, turns, and challenges along the way, from technological difficulties, to confidence issues, to questions of transportation, issues on the job, etc. We walk with them throughout the entire process and encourage clients to maintain contact even after they complete the program. On average, clients coming through the Employment Services program experience a 162% increase in salary!  

In Summary

We work to provide ACES to all of our clients for use in interviews, in times of self-doubt, and in the future to keep fresh through contact with us or just in reviewing the material we provide. Each client is not dealt a great hand of cards, but if we can provide an ACE up their sleeve, they can win a game they have lost before, and can multiply those wins for their family, friends, and society in general – thus aligning with our mission, “To Serve & To Lift.”

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