By Sunny Jones

By Sunny Jones

We provided a record $1 million in lease, rent, and utility assistance in 2019 alone.

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Looking back at Fiscal Year 2019, I am so proud of the work our agency completed and the thousands of lives we impacted. We doubled down on our efforts to effectively serve and lift as many families and individuals in our 27-county diocesan area as possible. For context, here are just a few highlights:


  • We provided over 1 million dollars in lease payments to clients, as well as rent and utility assistance.
  • 241 households affected by natural disasters received financial assistance.
  • Approximately 1,100 individuals completed one job prep or financial stability activity.
  • $50,000 of emergency assistance was provided to ex-offenders working toward obtaining employmen
  • 93% of our veteran clients were able to maintain their housing 6 months after leaving our rapid rehousing program.
  • 228 parents received individual parenting education and 99% self-reported an increase in parenting knowledge necessary for safe and healthy parenting.
  • 700 children received Christmas gifts during the holiday season.

Despite having such a successful year, we know these numbers represent just a fraction of those still needing help. So, how do we plan to keep the momentum going this year?

We do so by dedicating our best efforts to the thousands of unique, trying situations we see around us every day: to the senior adult who cannot afford food and medication but has great faith in a better day; to the single parent struggling to make ends meet, but knows she is the strength her children need; to the veteran who has always helped those around him, but is coming to understand everyone needs a helping hand once in a while, even himself; to the former offender, who vows not be a statistic by returning to prison and works hard to obtain his first job since release; to the homeless woman struggling to be seen by those around her, but receives her dignity back when she visits our Welcome Center and hears her name being said for the first time in months.

This is how we plan to serve and lift those in our community this year. While we aim to stretch ourselves and provide for each client that comes through our door, our work is exponentially more fruitful when we have the financial backing of the rest of our community. We are an agency dedicated to pouring out all we have been given to benefit another. We ask you to consider pouring into Catholic Charities this new year by becoming a monthly donor for as little as $20 a month.

We also ask for your time as a volunteer and prayers. Thank you for the support you have given and continue to give. As you can see, it makes all the difference.

To donate, visit us at

To volunteer, contact Linda at or (816) 659-8205.


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