Everyone is invited to the Parish Mental Health Ministry at St. Roberts Kick Off!  Come and lister to the speaker, Anna Jett, MS, LMFT from the Center for Healing. Anna will speak for about an hour and then allow time for questions.  Topics include: How to advocate for self and loved ones with poor mental health; How to break the mental health stigma; What modalities of treatment might be best for me; and How to recognize signs of mental illness.

Saturday, May 20th, 5:30 PM

St. Robert Bellarmine Catholic Church – Parish Hall



Anna Jett,

About Anna: Authenticity has always been important to me. To be able to be comfortable with who we are and share that confidently with the world is significant. When we are unable to do this it can impact the way we feel about ourselves, our relationships and how we engage in our everyday lives. God made us for a reason. I believe that he has a purpose for each and everyone of us and sometimes things happen that make us question his intentions.

Together my clients and I work on rebuilding a sense of self-confidence with who they are as an individual. We work on identifying values that are important to them and find ways to incorporate those values into their daily lives. We look for ways to grow mentally and spiritually. We work on healing from broken relationships and learn how to cultivate healthy relationships. I feel privileged to have the opportunity to help clients create the life God has intended for them. Working on these things is never easy and it was never meant to be, but I believe together we can help you to become more assured in who you are and how you share your unique gifts with the world around you.

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