St. Germaine’s Little Lambs

Support and education for parents/caregivers with children birth to 5 years

St. Germaine was a simple, pious young girl who lived in France in the late 1500’s. She became a shepherd, overseeing the family flock, and even living in the barn alongside the sheep in her care.

She attended daily Mass, prayed the rosary, shared what little she had with the poor, and taught the village children about the love of God despite many afflictions in her life. This program and its nuances bear her name and patronage.

St. Germaine’s Little Lambs program provides case management, education, and supportive services to parents/guardians of children birth to 5 years of age, helping parents build parental resilience, form social connections, gain knowledge of parenting and child development, access concrete support in times of need, and develop social and emotional competence of children. The program also offers parenting classes, resource assistance, and case management to help strengthen families and remove barriers.

St. Germaine’s Little Lambs offers three different program components for parents to choose from.  Families can choose one, two or all three components.

Case Management:

Monthly case management is available for families that are interested in staying engaged for at least 90 days. A family development specialist will work with parents to set and attain self-determined goals.  They receive individual support and resources to assist with needs.

Parent Cafés:

 Parent Cafés are group classes designed to provide social, emotional and behavioral support for parents and caregivers with children birth to five years of age.  A trained family development specialist helps parents gain new knowledge and get access to concrete support during each one-hour session.  Plus, there are activities and snacks for the kids!

Classes are offered at both the Kansas City and St Joseph offices. Call 816-659-8285 for information on the next Parent Café.

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Child Development Assessments:

Family development specialists will help guide parents/caregivers through Ages and Stages developmental and social-emotional screenings for children at specific age milestones. It is important to find out if a child is not demonstrating age-appropriate growth so parents/caregivers can get help before the issue really hinders the child.

Program Qualifications:

Parents/caregivers with children birth to 5 years of age.

Family income below the federal poverty line.

For more information or to enroll, contact Children and Family Services at 816.659.8285 or

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