ID: HH4William
Case Worker: HH
Child Name (First): William
Family Number : 4
Age: 14
Gender: male
Favorite Color: Black, Grey, navy Blue, Military green, bright pink
Underwear/diaper/pull ups: Boxers Small mens
Shirt: Large
Pants: 30x30
Coat if Needed: Large
Sweatshirt or Hoodie: Hoodie Large
Socks: 9 TO12
Backpack or Diaper Bag: Backpack
Favorite sport/Character: Football/ Nascar
Stuffed Animal: None
Doll or Action Figure: none
Cars/Trucks: Model Cars and trucks loves to build them
Blocks/puzzles: Brain Games, rubic cubes
Educational toy: none
Books/reading Level: 5th
Board Games/cards: Card games
Play-Doh or Slime: Legos
Sport Ball: none
Other Sport Equipment: None
Movie Pass or Gift Card: Walmart
Jewelry Watch: Watch Military with compass
Body Wash: Axe Dark Temptation
Shampoo/Hari Care: Axe Dark Temptation
Makeup/nail polish: none
Journal Diary: Journal
What else should we know about this child: He love anything involving tools he built a mongoose bike and needs a nice bike toolkit or just tools. Needs to start learning to shave a first electric razor would be great. He love games he saw one on Tic Tok What do you Meme? He could use some new boots size 9 1/2 hiking or cowboy. He is just now coming out of a wheel chair after a horiffic car accident that sadly claimed the grandmothers life. He is a strong young man that is working hard to recover from his shattered pelvis.

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