ID: HH9Lucy
Case Worker: HH
Child Name (First): Lucy
Family Number : 9
Age: 8
Gender: Female
Favorite Color: Dark Purple
Underwear/diaper/pull ups: none
Shirt: 2 girls
Pants: 9/10 snow pants and really needs jeggings stretchy jeans with patterns on them size 9/10 girls
Coat if Needed: none
Sweatshirt or Hoodie: 9/10 girls zip grey hoodie
Socks: 2 girls
Backpack or Diaper Bag: Backpack
Favorite sport/Character: Stich from Lilo &Stitch
Stuffed Animal: none
Doll or Action Figure: Stich
Cars/Trucks: none
Blocks/puzzles: puzzles
Educational toy: none
Books/reading Level: 4th
Board Games/cards: Age Appropriate
Play-Doh or Slime: none
Sport Ball: tennis racquet
Other Sport Equipment: tennis
Movie Pass or Gift Card: Walmart or amazon
Jewelry Watch: rose gold earrings or watch
Body Wash: native body wash
Shampoo/Hari Care: native
Makeup/nail polish: peach nail polish
Journal Diary: none
What else should we know about this child: She love to read she is really into Sophie the Mouse books anything. She loves the character Stich off of Lilo and Stich she is starting up tennis and would love some equipment. She would love some girly fashion boots size 3 or tennis shoes size 2.

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