ID: TJ17Knowledge
Child Name (First): Knowledge
Age: 7 months
Gender: male
Favorite color: none
Underwear/diaper/pull ups: diapers - size 4 *can only wear Pampers; Baby wipes for sensitive skin only
Shirt: size 6-9 months or 9-12 months
Pants: size 6-9 months or 9-12 months
Coat if Needed: size 6-9 months or 9-12 months
Sweatshirt or Hoodie: size 6-9 months or 9-12 months
Socks: infant size
Backpack or Diaper Bag: diaper bag
Favorite sport/Character: CocoMelon
Stuffed Animal: yes
Doll or Action Figure: no
Cars/Trucks: no
Blocks/puzzles: no
Educational toy: yes
Books/reading Level: yes
Board Games/cards: no
Play-Doh or Slime: no
Sport Ball: no
Other Sport Equipment: no
Movie Pass or Gift Card: Target, Amazon, Bye Bye Baby
Jewelry Watch: no
Body Wash: Johnson and Johnson or Baby Magic
Shampoo/Hair Care: Johnson and Johnson
Makeup/nail polish: no
Journal Diary: no
What else should we know about this child: Also wishing for: warm baby blankets, baby walker, baby jumper, rattles, teething toys, bath toys, bath thermometer, Dr. Brown bottles, Aveeno powder, baby towels, burp rags, baby hats and mittens, baby dinnerware, warm jacket, and play/activity mat.

Sorry, this kid is sponsored!

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