ID: TJ5Erik
Child Name (First): Erik
Age: 5 years
Gender: male
Favorite color: any
Underwear/diaper/pull ups: underwear - size 5/6
Shirt: size 5/6
Pants: size 5/6
Coat if Needed: size 7/8
Sweatshirt or Hoodie: size 5/6
Socks: yes - shoe size 1
Backpack or Diaper Bag: backpack
Favorite sport/Character: any
Stuffed Animal: yes
Doll or Action Figure: action figure
Cars/Trucks: cars or trucks
Blocks/puzzles: blocks or puzzles
Educational toy: yes
Books/reading Level: yes - kindergarten
Board Games/cards: yes
Play-Doh or Slime: play doh or slime
Sport Ball: any
Other Sport Equipment: no
Movie Pass or Gift Card: gift card - Wal Mart
Jewelry Watch: jewelry or watch
Body Wash: yes
Shampoo/Hair Care: yes
Makeup/nail polish: no
Journal Diary: no
What else should we know about this child: also wishing for: hairbrush, hair detangler, deodorant, winter hat, gloves, and scarf. Likes to ride bikes

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