Let’s Get to Work (Kansas City)


Monday’s 9a.m. – Noon

(Or, by appointment)
Job Club – An open lab time allowing clients to look for work and honing job search skills

Tuesdays’s 9a.m. – Noon

Workforce Development Class – Here we will cover topics ranging from customer service to interview do’s and don’ts

Wednesdays’s 9a.m. – Noon

(By appointment only)
Resume Workshop – Develop a resume displaying your strengths.

At Catholic Charities Kansas City-St. Joseph we serve our clients immediate needs, removing their anxieties and burdens while simultaneously lifting them to the dignity of self-reliance. One sure way we achieve this is by providing employment services for our clients. If you have a client who wants to be employed, contact our 360 employment specialist today. Through our workshops and one-on-one personal training, clients will learn sound job searching techniques, how to be customer-service centric, how to build a strong resume, and how to prepare for the all-important interview.

Plus, once you land a job, we’ll share the 10 critical steps on how to keep it!
All of this will be tailored to your client’s specific circumstance and needs.

For more information, contact us, Monday – Thursday, 8:00a.m. – 5:30p.m.
Email: jobassistance@ccharities.com
Phone: (816) 398-6894

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