Employment Skills & Job Retention

Work is an expression of human Dignity – Pope Francis

Are you unemployed? You’re invited to attend our employment workshop to learn new skills that can greatly increase your chances of landing a job.

  • Develop and hone your customer service skills
  • Build your 30-second commercial
  • Prepare yourself to become a viable job candidate
  • Know the 10 points on how to keep a job

Our workshops guide job seekers through effective interview techniques, job search strategies and provide up-to-date job leads. You will also have the opportunity to schedule a one-on-one session to create your own unique resume.

  1. Create your resume (by appointment)
  2. Guided job search
  3. Interview with local companies seeking to hire
  4. Implement and refresh your skills

Every Tuesday morning, 9a.m. to noon

(816) 398-6894

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