Client Tracy was originally scheduled to pick up at our Forest City distribution drop. When I called to confirm her order, I could sense some uncertainty about that date. We talked a bit more, and she had mentioned she had some medical procedures scheduled soon in the St. Joseph area. I asked if picking up in St. Joseph on different day would work better for her and she readily accepted that offer. However, on pickup day in St. Joseph, Tracy’s brother called to cancel her order sharing that she had been battling cancer and was in the hospital unexpectedly. We sadly made a note in her file to call the following week to see if we could connect for her food order. To our surprise and delight, shortly before the end of our distribution hours, Tracy walked in. She had just been discharged from the hospital, and Catholic Charities was her first stop after leaving the hospital. She described getting the additional food as a bright spot in her day: her health challenges had been taking a toll financially and she was very concerned about her ability to feed her family. Being able to meet us before the end of our distribution hours lifted her spirits, allowed her to feel a bit accomplished and provided much needed food for her family. It lifted our spirits, too!


By Anissa Parra-Grooms, Former Food Pantry Program Manager at Catholic Charities of Kansas City- St. Joseph 

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