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Parish Mental Health Ministry

The National Institute of Mental Health estimates that one in five Americans has a mental, behavioral or emotional disorder. That means roughly 20% of parishioners struggle with a mental illness. It is our mission to ensure no one feels alone in their struggle with mental illness.

Be A Simon Society

Join the Be A Simon Society by pledging a recurring, monthly donation to Catholic Charities.

Our Mobile Food Pantry is Hitting the Road Near You

Catholic Charites of Kansas City- St. Joseph (CCKCSJ) has launched Serve & Lift Centers in Cameron and South KC. CCKCSJ will begin mobile food pantry outreach from our Cameron location.

Hallowed Ground:

The Serve and Lift Center at 8001 Longview Road

Our at-risk neighbors need help.

Together, we can meet the need.

To Serve and To Lift

Catholic Charities empowers at risk people to create a pathway out of poverty by alleviating their immediate crises to create stability; then providing robust support to lift them to dignity and self-reliance.


were ex-offenders


of those coming to us were unemployed


of those served were widowed, single, divorced or separated


were female

Welcome Center

The Welcome Center is the single point of entry into services – offering emergency assistance to address immediate, critical needs. Over $1M in rent, utility, food and other assistance was provided last year.

Employment Services

The average income of those seeking services was approximately $774 per month. Of those who obtained our Employment Services, their incomes rose to $1,836 per month.

Children & Family Services

Case management, parenting education and child development assessments help increase family stability and creates a nurturing environment in which children can grow and thrive. Mom’s Empowerment and Germaine’s Little Lambs serve families from pregnancy and through the child’s preschool years.

Housing Services

A home is more than simply a shelter — it’s a foundation that allows you to focus on the future. If you don’t have a permanent place to call home, it’s difficult — if not impossible — to focus on any other aspect of your life.

Veteran Services

85% of veterans who participated in our rapid rehousing program were successfully housed at the completion of the program and 93% were still in their home six months later!

Deaf & Disability Ministries

For the past 30 years, Catholic Charities has worked to integrate persons with disabilities fully into the life of their faith community.

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