Outpace Poverty 2021

On your mark. Get set. Help end poverty.

You have registered to run, now…

Fundraise for Outpace Poverty

Top fundraisers have a chance to win several prizes.

Fundraising is easy. Fundraising is fun. Fundraising is gratifying.

  1. Become a fundraiser in the button below.
  2. Copy your fundraising URL.
  3. Share your fundraising page with all of your friends through Social media and email.

Top Fundraisers Win Great Prizes

Top 2 parishes or schools will win a Betty Raes or Kona Ice Party

Individuals and Team Captains have a chance to win prizes in the following categories. The highest money raised in each category wins the prize. Only one winner in each category.

  • $2000+ raised: 4 club level Chiefs Tickets and Parking Pass to a 2021 game 

  • $1000 – $1,999 raised: 4 tickets to KC NWSL Women’s Soccer Game 

  • $500-$999 raised: Garmin Fit Bit Flex 

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