Catholic Charities of Kansas City- St. Joseph is blessed with a diverse and highly skilled Board of Directors. Their board service is voluntary – their compensation is the robust fulfillment of our agency’s mission to alleviate poverty in our 27-county region! They come to us from a variety of educational and career backgrounds. Each brings their unique knowledge and skills to the committee they serve as well as to the full board meetings, offering guidance and strategic insights into how best to determine our programs and services.  

We’re delighted to put the spotlight on these remarkable and generous individuals. They generously share their best efforts with us throughout the year. In this newsletter we’ll highlight 7 of our 15 board members – and introduce you to the remaining 8 members in our next edition. Please see the callout for our complete Board Member roster.  

Ed Kremer is a professor at Kansas City Kansas Community College, and many of his students are the first generation in their family to seek higher education. He knows the impact additional educational opportunities can have on the trajectory of a young person’s life – and the challenges of navigating the academic system for the first time.  

Doug Hoelscher is the president of Tru Home Solutions, which provides mortgage services to credit unions. He is inspired every day by the commitment of credit unions to put their service to members first over financial returns. On the front lines of home ownership, Doug is acutely aware of the impact of housing stability on a family’s ability to thrive.  

Ted Place has spent his career helping nonprofit organizations meet their mission through solid, sustainable funding and engagement from stakeholders. In his role as Chief Development Officer for the National World War I Museum, he works with the Kansas City community and beyond in recognition and appreciation of the sacrifices that so many families made during the war – and the sense of community and belonging that developed as a result. The importance of meeting a mission together – like the one we pursue in alleviating poverty – is always the forefront of his contributions to our board, and he keeps us focused on a strong revenue program that will brings the mission to life.  

Fr. Jonathan Davis is pastor of St. Patrick parish in St. Joseph which serves a diverse blend of people and cultures. His love for his congregation extends to Catholic Charities, and he lives by the principles of Catholic Social Teaching. His spiritual guidance of the board is invaluable.  

Karen Mitchell-Layton honed her marketing expertise at Hallmark and was part of the team that grew our celebration of Hope gala from a small dinner into the effective fundraising and celebration event that it is today. She provides guidance and expertise to our marketing efforts, raising awareness and engagement from diverse people and communities.  

Jeni Doolittle brings a rural perspective to our board. A longtime resident of Albany, Missouri, she has been a strong voice in the diocese for addressing both urban and rural needs of our Catholic Community. As a member of the Board of Directors, her values – which parallel Catholic Social Teachings – have been the guiding force with both our strategic expansion of our board as well as assuring that our programming addresses the wide variety of needs of families throughout the diocese.  

Betsy Lynch is an attorney focused on small business owners. Her overriding principle in serving her clients is to take actions that help them and improve their situation. They come to her with complicated situations, and she listens closely to help them see a clear path forward. Her approach to law parallels CCKCJS’s approach to client service. She served as chair of our board during the COVID pandemic, providing important guidance to the agency while building the board to its current number and strength. 

The gifts and skills that each bring to Catholic Charities is truly living out the scripture that acknowledges that while “we are many parts, we are all one body.” Their life experience and insights make our agency a strong advocate for our at-risk neighbors.  

There is a place for everyone who would like to bring their skills in service to our mission to alleviate poverty: if you would consider volunteering at one of our events, at a program offering, at one of our pantries or even on our board of directors, please reach out to Linda Hopkins, 

Be sure and watch for our spotlight of our remaining board members in our next newsletter! Here is our full list of amazing board members: 

Deacon Joe Arnone 

Rod Carson 

Fr. Jonathan Davis 

Jenifer Doolittle 

Melissa Frerking 

Claudia Greim 

Doug Hoelscher 

Ed Kremer 

Karen Mitchell-Layton 

Elizabeth Lynch 

Ike Nwabuonwu 

Ted Place 

Justin Pulikkan 

Andrew Shepard 

Mike Tesmer 

 By Susan Walker, Executive Director of Outreach and Engagement 

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