L to R, Kathy Mohn and Diane Dillane, New Hope Staffing Advisors

Not being able to provide adequately for your family is often one of the most heart wrenching and lonely parts of poverty. A livable wage and a steady job is a determining factor for quality of life. Your financial situation determines your living conditions, access to healthcare, ability to pay bills, and for many, employment is the difference between breaking out of generational poverty or remaining stuck. We know that the need for a living wage job is in the top 3 barriers those living in poverty in our community face.

At Catholic Charities, we have been helping workers find employment for almost 80 years. We continue to do this, adapting and meeting the challenges of the modern workplace. We recognize that employers are facing staffing challenges well, and have expanded our program scope to include assistance with that issue. Through our newly launched New Hope Staffing, we offer services geared toward meeting both the needs of businesses and the aspirations of the workers we serve through direct placement.

A unique level of engagement with business and our workers is what sets us apart. We learn about the companies we serve, recruit employees, screen prospects for employment, provide support and material assistance during the initial employment period for the workers we place. We provide follow-up services with our businesses and new employees to assure success in the workplace. People seeking employment will receive additional support and services such as: Employment skills and Job Retention Workshop, that addresses success on the job, Financial Literacy Workshop, that help families with personal financial practices, Career Assessment, to assure appropriate job matches, Vocational Guidance and Resume Assistance.

A job helps an individual build a broader network of support. It creates financial stability for families and the dignity and esteem of self-reliance. We are ready to help both businesses find employees and help job-seekers find gainful employment. If you would like to learn more about New Hope Staffing, please email us at: newhopestaffing@ccharities.com or visit www.newhopestaffing.org

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