Happy Priesthood Sunday! On this special day, we are called to celebrate the priests that make a difference in our lives and in our community. Meet our friend, Father Sunoj Thomas, parish priest of St. Catherine of Siena in southern KCMO. Father Thomas welcomed the Catholic Charities Kansas City- St. Joseph Food Pantry, to his parish to operate on their property.

Father Thomas is happy to serve, alongside many volunteers, in our Food Pantry; as it gives the local community a chance to see Catholics in action.  “It is a good visual for people to see people helping people, we are all in this together. This work allows the community to see the hand and heart of God through our actions, through our helping.” Father Thomas explained. “The Food Pantry is not simply a place, supplying things. Here, you have an opportunity to walk together. To learn and listen to each other, and to listen to understand not to respond. This is what we are called to do as Christians.”

The Food Pantry gives families enough food to last the month with an average of about 18 pounds of food for one person. Our pantry is unique because people are able to place an online order. Families may choose their own food from available nutritious selections, to meet their own taste preferences, cultural dishes, and better manage chronic medical conditions that respond to a particular diet. This gift is truly transformative to our agency and those we serve.

Join us in this mission to serve our neighbors. Father Thomas tells us, “There is awesome humanitarian work to be done here, where people that have a need and people that can help come together. I need help, I need you. You have an opportunity to come together, so we can all walk together.” If you feel the call, email us to see how you can help. volunteers@ccharities.com

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