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Meet Marie and Join Her on Her Advent Journey

A few weeks ago, the social workers in the Housing Pillar of Catholic Charities of Kansas City – St. Joseph told a truly inspirational story of a client they are currently helping. Marie is a real client, although her name has been changed for her privacy.

Even today, Marie, continues rebuilding her life with help from Catholic Charities. In the weeks ahead, you will walk through Marie’s journey.

To set the stage, Marie is a single mom, who came to Catholic Charities in need of emergency assistance. She wanted to work with us to take back her life, to gain control over her ability to feed her children and keep them in a warm home.

Marie is working hard on this journey, and it is a journey.

She knows she could put her life back together if she isn’t worrying about where to stay each night. This is not the life Marie envisioned for herself. She wants to work, but without stable housing, employers are afraid to hire her. This world has turned upside down when she was not expecting it, and she is lost.

Come with us and join Marie on an Advent journey to a new life.

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