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Ever since the early days of this journey for Marie, she has been working hard and reaping the rewards of her actions. The strides she has made have not come easy to her and her progress was full of tribulation, sacrifice, and uncertainty. Marie made it through all of them.

A big lesson Marie learned is how to stay organized. Through all the services she received through Catholic Charities, they have all been given to her with one goal in mind: Not only to get her through her present challenges, but give her blueprints to help her sustain herself through the rest of her future. All Marie needed was to find that spark again from others, that she has inherent value in this world and that through her work when there is a will, there is a way like she had been doing prior to the pandemic.

It has been perhaps the biggest week of her life for Marie. Because of all the help she has received, her showing up and working as hard as she has, she has been promoted to supervisor by her employer! Marie knows what being at the lowest point in one’s life feels like and doesn’t want to stay there anymore. She saw her opportunity as a janitor to stand out from the rest and capitalized on it. This is the start of many new beginnings for Marie, and because of all the belief from others around her, she has the found the drive to believe in herself again as well.

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