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It is called Christmas Shining Star, but she was a shining angel to me. Her name is Linda and she was super sweet when I picked up our gifts from Catholic Charities’ Christmas Shining Star.

This all started with my case worker at Catholic Charities. She knows that I just started my new job and I am saving for a permanent house. She also knows Christmas is important to the kids in this world. She didn’t even ask if I was interested, she told me to fill out the information. She is right, any little help for gifts for the kids is HUGE to me. They really don’t ask for anything but there are things they like and things they need.

This morning, they unwrapped new coats and they were thrilled! The coats are brand new and fit perfectly. I had tears in my eyes when Linda gave me these coats, and again when the kids opened them. Then came the books and board games and dolls. Even now, they are playing with these and again, I am tearful.

Probably the biggest surprise were the gift cards. I was able to splurge a little on our Christmas breakfast and dinner.

I thank you Linda. You made me feel welcome and your generous spirit warmed my heart.

Finally, I thank you, my Christmas Shining Stars out there. You sponsored my children and put thought into their gifts and they are happy and thrilled for it.

Merry Christmas to everyone today. It is a day to hug your children and be thankful for the gift God gave us in Jesus. That is the bedtime story I told the kids last night. Try it, add your own touch. It makes for sweet dreams.


Merry Christmas,



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Be A Star Thrower: DONATE

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