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Wow, I really feel like life is looking up. Things in my life are really coming together. Finally. Today I picked up Christmas gifts for my kids. And I am so thankful that this program could help me this year.

A few weeks ago, Heather (case manager) asked me to fill out a Christmas wish list for each of my kids. She told me all about the Christmas Shining Star Program. It’s a program Catholic Charities does every year. Generous volunteers and companies in our area sponsor the kids. Each kids gets about five to six gifts worth about $60.

Today I picked up the gifts. I cried with joy. Such a burden was lifted from my shoulders. I could not have purchased these fun gifts for my kids – legos, dolls, play-doh, or even the basketball. I barely have enough money for what they need. I walked out with a “Happy Birthday” gift bag for each of my kids and a roll of Christmas wrapping paper to wrap the gifts myself when I get home. I even got a little gift. I got a gift card to the grocery store! I am just so thankful. This is going to be a great Christmas with my kids.


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