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After beginning the job search, Marie still has to make sure that she is succeeding in the one consistent job she has: parenting.

Just because she gets a new job does not mean the tasks at home become easier or get smaller, in fact they only are concentrated. She has to begin prioritizing her time in new ways, but she gets the biggest of blessings in return. This is where Marie finds herself. She has worked with Employment Services to create her resume and learn the skills needed to not only ace her next interview, but her new job.

Previously, Marie had experienced a bad relationship and that left her struggling in her relationship with her kids, with herself, and life overall.

Now, that Marie is working toward being on her feet financially, she wants to take a stand toward improving her relationship with her kids and Catholic Charities is here to help her.

One of the ways Catholic Charities assists parents with young children is through the Mom’s Empowerment program.

Mom’s Empowerment helps parents really understand how to care for a child, to go far beyond the everyday physical needs of the children, but how to care for them emotionally and mentally as well. Whether it is through Case Management services, monthly education on parenting, or self-determined goal setting and achievement, learn how to build parent resilience, form social connections as well as developing the social and emotional proficiency in their children, gain knowledge of parent and child development and gain support in times of trouble and need.

PC: Catholic Charities Southwestern Ohio

“There are a lot of applications that I want my children to take away from this program. The goal setting aspect is something that may seem mundane but can drive you to do things you never thought possible” Marie said. “My children needed to be reminded that they are in charge of their own success, not anybody else. They needed to understand the responsibility they have over their choices and weigh the outcomes it can have.” Through the case management program, this was made possible going through 90 days with a family development specialist to map out goals the children come up with themselves. They were there to give support and help plant a foundation for the vision they have for their lives to become reality. “This will teach my kids that when life knocks you down, it is your choice whether to get back up as best you can” Marie said. “Having a plan can help make that happen,”.

The other aspect that is crucial in a child’s development is social and emotional connection and proficiency. It is so important to learn at a young age how to relate with other people no matter the circumstance. Relationship is all about living shared experiences and that does not occur if you are unable to understand what is happening in somebody’s life. The support we have had is important because it teaches my children how to advocate for themselves in times of trouble as well as lending a helping hand to their struggling peers as well.


Marie ended with, “I am gaining confidence in myself, and I cannot wait to see how what I have learned will affect our lives moving forward.”


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