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Marie is a single mother, trying to make it. And she does for a long time, until the pandemic took her job away and prevented her from finding other work. She came to Catholic Charities in a tailspin. She and her children were living out of their car. They had nothing. No real belongings, no food, no place to stay. Does that remind you of anyone?

It makes me think of the Blessed Family, and the Nativity in Bethlehem. That is where the miracle of Christmas is found. In a humble stable. Born to a young, unwed mother. In an ordinary town. Joseph and Mary were largely ignored in their time of need. Under what humble beginnings, Jesus came into the world.

This is where we will find the miracle of Christmas. Helping our neighbors. Not turning away from those that need help, not ignoring them or “shooing” them off into the darkness. God is waiting to be found there, seek Him.

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Be A Star Thrower: DONATE

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