By Susan Walker

By Susan Walker

People are experiencing poverty and food insecurity at rates significantly higher than in years prior.

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Food means a lot to us. We carefully prepare it, we share it joyfully with friends and family, we make special treats to give as gifts to friends to show our affection. It holds a special, elevated place in our lives because it is such an essential element of life. If we have the right food in the right quantity, we are healthy and full of life. Not enough food, and our physical condition starts to slip. Our bodies weaken, our minds are not as sharp. When food is scarce, life itself is threatened as we cannot survive long without nourishment.

This is what makes food insecurity such a consuming aspect of poverty. If we are not sure where the next meal is coming from, or when it is coming, all of our energy becomes focused on survival, for without food, we will certainly die. Add to that the anguish of parents not being able to feed their children, or a senior choosing between food and life-sustaining medication and it’s easy to see how food can quickly become a crisis.

Offering emergency food to families who come to the Welcome Center has an immediate calming effect. There’s a physical change that is visible when people relax, knowing they will eat tonight. The sense of safety they receive allows the tension that has gripped them to subside, and that’s when the real conversation between Catholic Charities staff and the person seeking assistance begins. We can talk about living conditions, about employment, about family finances and begin exploring ways to reach stability.

Donations that support the Welcome Center and Emergency Assistance turn into life-giving and life-changing moments. The annual Catholic Charities Emergency Assistance second collection is gathered on February 20-21 this year. Please consider a gift that will give hope to those who hunger.

For more information, please contact Susan Walker at or (816) 659-8218.

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