“I can do things you cannot, and you can do things I cannot but together we can do great things.”  Mother Teresa .

Never were truer words spoken. Individuals with various talents, capabilities and passions working together can be tremendously impactful.  We witness this regularly at Catholic Charities.  Our dedicated staff and volunteers provide a myriad of services in housing, feeding and employing clients, providing parenting support and adoption services, and mental health ministries just to name a few.  On a daily basis, they come together to make Christ’s love visible to those in need.

In this same spirit, there are numerous opportunities for you and your family to participate in the mission.  For instance, you can create a parish team to join the Outpace Poverty 5K walk/run. Or serve on one of our committees, such as helping coordinate our spring gala or assisting in the organizing efforts at one of our food pantries.  Additionally, if you are a Knight of Columbus or a member of the Ladies Auxiliary, you could collect food, or like Pat Smith, organize a hygiene collection. As an individual you could teach a financial literacy class or create a program for which you are especially passionate as did our organic farmer.  Lastly, if you are looking to share your treasure as part of a meaningful legacy, you could participate in our Mabee Challenge.

There is something for everyone as you can do things I cannot… and together we can do great things!

By Karen Noel, Chief Executive Officer of Catholic Charities of Kansas City–St. Joseph 

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