Written by: Lisa Wagner-Carollo

Our Faith Journey column for this month features an interview with Amy Huska. Amy works as an Internal Auditor at North American Savings Bank. She recently took our American Sign Language class.  Not only did she attend the class, but her twelve-year-old son, Ryan, and her parents, Janice and Gary Smith, also took part. We’re so grateful that Amy agreed to be interviewed. 

Lisa- Can you tell us about yourself?  For example, what are three important things we should know about you?

Amy- I grew up with undiagnosed auditory processing disorder.  My mom had me taken for hearing tests and I always passed so they didn’t know what was going on.   I wasn’t diagnosed until 2019.   I lost my hearing several years ago and have struggled to learn ASL since then.   I have taken several community classes, three continuing education classes, and three college credit courses.   I had to drop out of ASL 2 because of my last job.   I love cats, and we have two who are named Pepper and Peanut.   I have always been Catholic and love my faith.

L- You were recently part of the American Sign Language class. What drew you to the class?

A- My hearing loss and the hope of having some “Deaf time” was exciting.  I love interacting with deaf and hard of hearing individuals.  It feels like we have a common bond.

L- What did you glean from the class? What was it like to take the class with your family?

A- I learned some signs and I just got to practice what I already know.  It was so nice to be around other deaf people.   I respect them so much.  I love the fact that the class was through a Catholic organization because it was another layer of common ground.  It was awesome to have my family there learning this language for me.   My son has already started using it in our home. For example, he uses it when I don’t have my hearing aids on or when I’m having trouble understanding what he’s saying or what’s going on.  I love it.

L-Is there anything you’d like to add?

A-Robin, Darryl, and Rhonda made me feel welcome.   Having a short conversation with them about how I feel stuck between the deaf world and the hearing world just reaffirmed how kind the deaf world is.  The deaf community is just so accepting and I love that.   Thank you for this opportunity.   🤟

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