Once an eviction is on someone’s record, it becomes incredibly hard for them to obtain housing again.


It is imperative to help before they get to that point.

Larry tried finding a place to live on his own but his extremely limited income and medical expenses made it impossible.

The turning point in his crisis came when he confided in his pastor after Sunday Mass. Father reached out to Catholic Charities about housing availability. He put the word out among the parishioners for assistance with physically moving Larry, his medical equipment and few personal possessions. Quickly, a community of care formed around Larry, determined that he would not wind up on the street. 

The Catholic Charities Emergency Assistance Fund stepped in and provided life-saving help.

CCEAF funds paid for a two-night stay in an inexpensive motel. Together, Catholic Charities’ staff and parish volunteers moved his few belongings.

For $150, Larry was safely housed and not sheltering on the street.

Catholic Charities Emergency Assistance Fund helps hundred of people like Larry each year. Please donate to CCEAF today.

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What is CCEAF? 2024

What is CCEAF? 2024

The Catholic Charities Emergency Assistance Fund (CCEAF) is a local fund generated within our service area, primarily through a second basket collection held every February in parish communities. All funds raised remain within our 27-county service area and serve to...

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