Catholic Charities of Kansas City-St. Joseph Disaster Services endeavors to assist the people of our 27 counties through a three pronged approach: 

Prevention helps our clients avoid sudden situational poverty when personal disasters and larger scale community disasters occur. House fires, some financial problems, and weather related property damage can be mitigated, if not out-right prevented, by low cost or no cost measures such as situational awareness, safe driving and fire safety habits, good cybersecurity and taking a financial literacy class (call 816.398.6894 for more information on financial literacy). 

Preparation can lessen the chances of quickly falling deeper into situational poverty. The well-prepared person offsets sudden and immediate costs by having enough food and drinking water for the short-term and is well on the way to receiving aid, if requested, by having the necessary information to apply for it. Prepare, Survive, Recover and Thrive is an interactive, live workshop developed specifically to provide audiences food for thought on preparedness, alleviate anxiety over disasters and give pointers for making a “go-bag”. 

Recovery aims to lift people from specific situational poverty. In a federally declared disaster that includes individual assistance, we will work together with FEMA and other local agencies to ensure our clients immediate needs are met and provide referrals and Disaster Case Management to help our clients build and accomplish their long term recovery plans. 

For more on Disaster Services and printable tip sheets, visit our webpage: 

Shayna Deitchman is the Americorps Disaster Case Manager for Catholic Charities of Kansas City-St. Joseph and would be delighted to present Prepare, Survive, Recover and Thrive to your community. Call (816) 221-4377 for more information. 

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