A go bag is essential during disasters because it provides immediate access to vital supplies and resources. When emergencies strike without warning, have a pre-packed bag ensures that individuals can quickly evacuate to safety with necessary items like food, water, medications, and personal documents. It brings peace of mind, enhances preparedness, and allows individuals to focus on their well-being and that of their loved ones amidst chaos and uncertainty.


Go Bag Checklist



Water — Ideally 1 gallon per person per day


Food — Any special dietary requirements? Baby formula? Do you have pets? Will you need a can opener? Don’t forget forks, knives and spoons as needed


Medications — Prescriptions, vitamins and over the counter medicines you use regularly


Clothing — Weather appropriate clothing and shoes, rain and foul weather gear, diapers


First Aid Kit



Other Practical Items

Hard copy of a phone list that includes: local utility company emergency contact info, landlord’s emergency contact info, insurance agent’s contact info, insurance company’s claims phone number, neighborhood association contact info, family and friends information so that you can let them know you are having an emergency


Copies of your important documents I.E. birth certificate, passport or driver’s license, insurance policies in a water proof container


Prescription eyeglasses


Flashlight and extra batteries


Hygiene items: baby wipes, one time use toothbrushes, feminine hygiene, hand sanitizer or rubbing alcohol


Weather Radio, battery-powered or hand crank-powered


A whistle to signal for help


A favorite book, deck of cards, small toy as comfort and entertainment for you and any children with you

For more information, contact Shayna Deitchman Americorps Disaster Case Manager at 816.768.3805 or email sdeitchman@ccharities.com

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