One smile can begin a friendship;

One hand can lift a soul;

One candle can wipe out darkness;

One laugh can conquer gloom;

One hope can raise your spirits;

One life can make the difference,


Dear Mom,

We know sometimes the road is hard. We know your struggles can feel insurmountable, between employment, housing, food, and health issues. We know loneliness and fear often accompany you on your journey. But, we also know you are stronger than you think and that you are immensely brave and resilient.

We know this because we see this bravery and resiliency in you every day at Catholic Charities.

One mom just graduated from our program and is now paying it forward in her community, placing food and much needed resources on her porch for those in need.

One mom is facing unemployment and depression but is seeking help because she wants to give her children the best life possible.

One mom found herself pregnant at 16 and is giving thanks for her ‘head start’ in providing for her child, despite what others have told her.

One mom was brave enough to walk away from her abuser and break the cycle in her home.

To all the moms – whether you are loving and caring for children as an adoptive mother, biological mother, aunt, grandmother, friend, cousin, or guardian – thanks for being the one.

You are seen, you are cared for, you are loved… and we are blessed to walk alongside you.

Whatever this Mother’s Day might mean to you, know of our sincerest thoughts and prayers.

With gratitude,

The Children & Family Services team

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