Luncheon with Deacon Ed Shoener – Association of Catholic Mental Health Ministries

After his daughter, Kathleen, died by suicide in 2016, Deacon Ed Shoener's family and friends founded The Katie Foundation to shine a light on mental illness. Deacon Ed serves at St. Peter's Cathedral in the Diocese of Scranton and is no stranger to affects of mental...

Deaf and Disabilities Ministry June/July Newsletter

This month, we’re celebrating St. Thomas More’s religious education program for adults with developmental disabilities. This edition features an interview with Amy Huska in our Faith Journey column.

Praying for Your Special Needs Child

BY: Lisa Wagner-Carollo Take it from people who know! Being a special needs parent comes with deep, often unexpected challenges that can shake your faith to the core. Drawing from their personal experience, David and Mercedes...

Deaf and Disability Ministries

Catholic Charities seeks to fully integrate persons with disabilities into the life of their faith communities.

We accomplish this by connecting those with disabilities to the resources available. We work with parishes to strengthen the spiritual, sacramental and pastoral experience. We work within faith communities, challenging them to progress beyond mere physical accommodations, to fully include the disabled.

Sign Language Interpreter

If you have a special event or sacrament coming up and need an ASL interpreter, we can help. Email us to learn more:

USCCB Guidelines for the Celebration of the Sacraments with Persons with Disabilities


For more information, call 816-659-8262 or email

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