In October of 2023, the Deaf and Disabilities Ministries Department held a brunch, Thompson’s Table, in Red Bridge. It was a relaxed, meaningful time. Members of the D/deaf and Hard of Hearing community gathered for a good meal, fellowship, and support, and each...

Thompson’s Table; Luncheon for D/deaf and Hard of Hearing Community

We are excited to bring back Thompson's Table! Please join us for this FREE event full of FUN, FOOD, and FELLOWSHIP.  All are welcome, especially those learning Sign Language. This dinner is named for Bill Thompson, who was very active in the Catholic Charities Deaf...

Serving People, Lifting Hope: National Suicide Prevention Month September 2022

We just completed National Suicide Prevention Month (September) but the need for mental health awareness continues year-round. Suicide is a traumatic end to a mental health struggle, and Catholic Charities of Kansas City St. Joseph seeks to provide tools and support...

Deaf and Disability Ministries

Catholic Charities seeks to fully integrate persons with disabilities into the life of their faith communities. We accomplish this by connecting those with disabilities to the resources available. We work with parishes to strengthen the spiritual, sacramental and pastoral experience. We work within faith communities, challenging them to progress beyond mere physical accommodations, to fully include the disabled.

Sign Language Interpreter

If you have a special event or sacrament coming up and need an ASL interpreter, we can help.

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USCCB Guidelines for the Celebration of the Sacraments with Persons with Disabilities

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