A small ripple can create a wave.

Beth walked through the doors of Catholic Charities with a knot in her stomach. The bills were stacking up, the latest culprit was a large gas bill. She escaped an abusive relationship and had two small children to support. She had thought moving to Kansas City would be a fresh start, but she couldn’t make any headway. Beth needed a chance. 

She takes a breath and tells her story. Catholic Charities listens and responds.  

Just like that, relief is immediate. Her life is changed by attending a Financial Literacy workshop and then meeting with Employment Services. Beth lands a job at a daycare that provides her with free childcare. For the first time in a long time, a tidal wave of peace washes over Beth.   

One by one, you can make a difference for another. No act, no donation is ever too small. Together, one ripple at a time, we can move oceans. 

Please make your gift today.  

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