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Deaf and Disabilities Ministry June/July Newsletter

This month, we’re celebrating St. Thomas More’s religious education program for adults with developmental disabilities. This edition features an interview with Amy Huska in our Faith Journey column.

Praying for Your Special Needs Child

BY: Lisa Wagner-Carollo Take it from people who know! Being a special needs parent comes with deep, often unexpected challenges that can shake your faith to the core. Drawing from their personal experience, David and Mercedes...

FAITH JOURNEY: An Interview with Amy Huska

Written by: Lisa Wagner-Carollo Our Faith Journey column for this month features an interview with Amy Huska. Amy works as an Internal Auditor at North American Savings Bank. She recently took our American Sign Language class.  Not only did she attend the class, but...

Dear Mom, Thanks for being ‘The One’

One smile can begin a friendship; One hand can lift a soul; One candle can wipe out darkness; One laugh can conquer gloom; One hope can raise your spirits; One life can make the difference, BE THAT ONE TODAY. Dear Mom, We know sometimes the road is hard. We know your...

Be the Light

“Learn to light a candle in the darkest moments of someone’s life. Be the light that helps others see; it is what gives life its deepest significance.” - Roy T. Bennett For a few moments, let’s imagine a recent client and her situation. It was February and bitterly...

Deaf and Disabilities Ministries January 2021

In this issue, we are happy to feature interviews with Becky Turner and Rhonda Scott.

Deaf and Disabilities Ministries December 2020

With this issue of Together, we extend to you Advent blessings of hope, love, joy and peace.

Deaf and Disabilities Ministries November 2020

Welcome to the November newsletter of the Deaf and Disabilities Ministry!

Deaf and Disabilities Ministries October 2020

Welcome to the October newsletter of the Deaf and Disabilities Ministry of Catholic Charities/Kansas City-St. Joseph!

Deaf and Disabilities Ministries September 2020

Welcome to the September newsletter of the Deaf and Disabilities Ministry of Catholic Charities of Kansas City-St. Joseph!


Children and Family Services


Case management, parenting education and child development assessments help increase family stability and creates a nurturing environment in which children can grow and thrive. Mom’s Empowerment and Germaine’s Little Lambs serve families from pregnancy and through the child’s preschool years.

veteran housing

Mom’s Empowerment Program

The Mom’s Empowerment program equips pregnant and new moms with knowledge and support throughout pregnancy and up to the baby’s first birthday.  The program goal is to help families become self-sufficient.

St. Germaine’s Little Lambs

Support and education for parents/caregivers with children birth to 5 years of age. St. Germaine’s Little Lambs offers three different program components for parents to choose from.  Families can choose one, two or all three components.

adoption services

Adoption Services

We placed a record number of children into loving households through our adoption services exceeding the past eight years!

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