By Karen Noel

By Karen Noel

The upcoming month of November provides reason to celebrate and opportunity to grow.

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There is much to celebrate here at Catholic Charities of Kansas City-St. Joseph this fall season, and the month of November in particular brings much to the table.

First, in addition to celebrating Thanksgiving, the month of November is National Adoption Awareness Month. We ask for prayers for everyone who has and will consider adoption, along with our Children & Family Adoption team here at Catholic Charities who provide this service. This is our longest standing program, going back to our founding as an orphanage in 1879.

I myself have a special place in my heart for this service. My own beloved daughter came into our life through Catholic Charities adoption services. My personal experience highlights the life-changing and life-giving nature of this service and I am grateful each and every day for the joy adoption has brought to my world. One significant and often overlooked component of our program is providing home studies for families seeking to adopt a child. If you are considering going down the path of adopting, please call our Children & Family team as they can facilitate your home study and support you on your adoption journey. Regardless what route you take, adopting is an amazing walk of faith, and a beautiful, viable alternative to abortion.

Second, there is an additional blessing for which I am giving thanks: at this writing, the Catholic Charities team has been out in Clinton, Carroll, Buchanan and Jackson Counties offering housing and utility assistance to those in need thanks to a grant from the Missouri Non-Profit Relief and Recovery Fund.

Our agency was granted nearly $200,000 to directly assist families, and in many cases, have assured them they will remain housed as we enter the winter season. I am so thankful we are able to provide this relief to our vulnerable neighbors. Please look to the end of the newsletter for specific dates, times, and locations.

Lastly, November brings election day on November 3. Voting is one of our responsibilities as community members. The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, in their document Faithful Citizenship noted that “Everyone living in this country is called to participate in public life and contribute to the common good.” Prayerful consideration of candidates, issues, and voting in light of that is part of being a faithful citizen. I encourage everyone to read Bishop Johnston’s letter about prayerfully going to the polls.

In the letter, Bishop Johnston recalled his most recent visit to the Vatican where Pope Francis where he explained, “The right to life for the unborn child is the preeminent issue because it is fundamental; without this first right, the right to life, there can be no other rights.”

God bless all women who chose to bring life into the world and God bless all families who provide loving homes. May you enjoy this wonderful time of year and take time to reflect on all the blessings bestowed on you and your family. Peace be with you and your loved ones.

Yours in Christ,

Karen Noel

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