Emergency Assistance Fund

“Without hope, people merely survive. Can you help?”

A letter from our CEO, Karen Noel

Dear Friends, 

Without hope, people merely survive.

As Curtis read the test results, he panicked. His eight-year-old daughter, Kenzie, had just tested positive for COVID-19. Thankfully, Kenzie was experiencing mild symptoms and her doctor said she would likely bounce back with rest, but that wasn’t all that was worrying him.

Curtis thought ahead to what was to come: Kenzie wouldn’t be allowed back to school until after her quarantine. That meant Curtis would need to take several days off work, and he knew he was out of sick leave. As a single parent, Curtis was worried how he would make rent if he wasn’t able to work. 

As he feared, the unpaid time away to care for Kenzie meant hard choices at the end of the month. He had already been struggling, and a partial rent payment might cause his landlord to consider eviction. Curtis turned to Catholic Charities in St. Joseph. Catholic Charities Emergency Assistance Fund helps families, like Curtis and Kenzie, prioritize their health, especially when faced with the possibility of eviction or foreclosure. When caught up on the essentials, families can look towards the future instead of surviving the day-to-day.

After speaking with a case manager, Curtis was overwhelmed by the compassion and care. He left that day with more than just money to pay his rent—he left with hope that he could keep going.

Your donation to the Emergency Assistance Fund makes a crucial difference. 

Please make your gift today.


Karen Noel
Chief Executive Officer, Catholic Charities of Kansas City-St. Joseph

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