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Catholic Charities of Kansas City- St. Joseph Hosts Deacon Ed Shoener to Spotlight Parish Mental Health Ministries 

The National Institute of Mental Health estimates that one in five Americans has a mental, behavioral or emotional disorder 


KANSAS CITY, MO,  March1, 2024 (Press Release) Catholic Charities of Kansas City- St. Joseph (CCKCSJ) is pleased to announce the upcoming visit of Deacon Ed Shoener, who will be dedicating a week to promoting and advocating for parish mental health ministries within the community. This initiative aims to raise awareness, provide support, and foster understanding of mental health challenges among parishioners and caregivers. 

Deacon Ed Shoener, renowned for his commitment to mental health advocacy within the Catholic Church, will be visiting Kansas City from March 19-25, 2024 engaging in a series of events and discussions centered around mental health awareness and support. Throughout the week, Deacon Ed will collaborate with local parishes, mental health professionals, and community leaders to address the importance of mental health ministries within religious communities. 

“We are honored to welcome Deacon Ed Shoener to Kansas City and grateful for his dedication to promoting mental health awareness within our parishes,” CEO of CCKCSJ Karen Noel said, “Our mental health ministries are quickly growing. Our goal for the first year was four parishes, we ended up finishing the year with 15 parishes. That shows you what a strong need there is.” 

Deacon Ed’s itinerary includes a range of activities, such as speaking engagements, workshops, and meetings with clergy members, parish volunteers, and mental health advocates. Participants will have the opportunity to learn about practical strategies for integrating mental health support within parish communities and explore resources available through Catholic Charities’ Mental Health Ministry. 

Deacon Ed Shoener, Cofounder of the Association of Catholic Mental Health Ministers said, “I am always inspired by the compassion and dedication of the many people who support mental health ministry in the Kansas City- St. Joseph Diocese. This is my third visit to the Diocese since 2022. It is amazing how mental health ministry has grown so quickly in the Diocese in such a short period of time.” 

It is our mission to ensure no one feels alone in their struggle with mental illness or their role as a caregiver. This is not group therapy, but a ministry in which members support others during their time of need and to grow spiritually in their relationship with God. One does not need to be Catholic to participate, but Catholic prayers and devotions will be used. 

For a detailed schedule of Deacon Ed’s visit and to learn more about Catholic Charities of Kansas City- St. Joseph’s Mental Health Ministry, please visit the official website at 



Catholic Charities of Kansas City- St. Joseph 

For 145 years, Catholic Charities of Kansas City- St. Joseph advocates for and serves the vulnerable and those in need. Today, Catholic Charities delivers support through 27 counties in western Missouri with a focus “To Serve & To Lift” by providing emergency assistance and robust programming in the areas of employment and financial development, children and family supports (including adoption services), Veteran services, rapid and permanent supportive housing, food pantries and more. 

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