By Susan Walker

By Susan Walker

The Simon of Cyrene Society invites you to help carry the cross of someone in need this Lenten season.

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I have heard poverty called an invisible reality, but at Catholic Charities we know otherwise.

When you live in poverty, there is no opportunity to step away from the struggle, no escape from carrying the heavy burden, and this is unmistakably carved into the faces of those seeking our services.

As I watch our case managers and resource specialists meet with clients, I’m struck by the intensity of the need. The old trope “everyone has a cross to bear” takes on a somber meaning when those crosses become so heavy, they simply cannot be borne alone. It’s easy to see how one would lose hope, and how compassionate help can drastically lighten the weight off one’s shoulders.

These interactions between client and case managers remind me of Simon of Cyrene. All three synoptic gospels tell the story of a man who carried Jesus’ crossbeam which had become too much for His broken body to bear. The scriptures don’t mention Simon prior to this encounter, nor after the Romans and Jesus arrive at Golgatha. He is mentioned just at that critical moment when the cross made it impossible for Jesus to take one more step.

The significance of Simon of Cyrene is that sometimes the most important thing we may do is carry someone else’s cross, if only for a little while, until they are able to resume their journey.

Your support of Catholic Charities of Kansas City-St. Joseph carries the crosses of vulnerable families and individuals throughout our diocesan area. While our specialists are the ones who meet with them in person, it’s because of you they are able to:

  • Be here when desperate families come in for help
  • Provide food to alleviate their hunger
  • Offer the funds necessary to avoid eviction or keep the lights on
  • Supply diapers and infant formula for their babies

Simon of Cyrene Society

As Lent approaches and you decide what your spiritual practice will be for this season of prayer, consider doing something to carry someone’s cross. We are excited to extend such an opportunity by introducing The Simon of Cyrene Society, a monthly giving program designed to provide regular support to the men and women in need of our assistance. Month after month, you can carry someone’s cross and allow them the time they need to stabilize, regain hope, and resume their journey toward self-reliance.

Please consider this as part of your Lenten prayer. You can create a recurring donation by following this link, or by calling Lynn Lichte at 816-659-8243.

May God continue to bless the work of our hands.

Susan Walker Executive Director of Outreach and Engagement


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