The issue of homelessness is foundational to Catholic Charities Kansas City-Saint Joseph (CCKCSJ). From families with children to seniors needing affordable housing, a happy lifestyle is rooted in making one’s own decisions under a roof to sustain themselves.

In the agency’s Community Housing program, there are four main HUD supported programs: HomePlus, Northwest Permanent Housing, Northeast Metro Permanent Housing, and Saint Joseph Permanent Housing. According to the Catholic Charities financial report database for 2021, “Out of the 331 individuals impacted by those four programs, 42.4% of those served were ages 0-17.”

“There are other programs which address homelessness, however. Each program is different. If someone needs emergency assistance or support, we may be able to cover their rent for a month, if a funding source allows. Sometimes, we can pay more if they’re on the verge of eviction. Our assistance funds go directly to the landlords, so families can continue to maintain their housing,” Sunny Jones, Chief Operating Officer for CCKCSJ, said. These funds come from a variety of sources, including individuals, foundations, grants and public funds.

If individuals are in the eviction process and in need of a place to stay, CCKCSJ has funded hotel stays for people as well. “In Fiscal Year 2021, we paid nearly $100,000 in hotel stays for individuals,” said Jones.

For more information on these services, you can email, give us a call at 816-221-4377 or email or call 816.617.2265.

According to Christie Dade, Director of Housing Development, the need for affordable senior living has increased over the past 30 years.

Catholic Charities sponsors senior housing in six different properties in Kansas City, Warrensburg, and Cameron, Missouri.


All of the properties have been around for 15 years and financed through HUD and Section 202 Supportive Housing for the Elderly programs.

Just like with Community Housing, there are eligibility requirements and an application process. “These properties serve people aged 62 and older,” Dade said. “Interested people can contact the property manager to begin the application process.” Dade mentioned the application can take four to six weeks.

All our locations are independent facilities furnished with open showers, washers, and dryers on site, as well as, professional management and maintenance services. Five of the six properties are gated, secured entry and exit, and members’ only parking lots. The properties have community, fitness, social, or sitting rooms to be able to relax in.

“St. Charles Place in St. Joseph, MO is a different kind of structure,” Dade said. “This location is not an apartment building, but a series of one and two-bedroom townhouse-style buildings.”

Monthly costs to residents are manageable, with utility and rent expenses within range of what the resident’s income can bear. There is a set limit, depending on the location.

If you would like more details on each of these properties, email us at or call 816-659-8216.

The same client-choice model is used with the Veterans’ program: locations fit the needs which client-families are requesting.

Along with this “client choice model”, CCKCSJ not only believes housing for Veterans is foundational, but only the first step in on the path to the dignity of self-reliance. In order to help secure their future, Veterans Services also offers housing case management, emergency assistance, one-on-one counseling, and Social Security benefit assistance.

For more information on these services, you can email or call 816.659.8263.

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