Prospective Adoptive Families

Our adoptive families go through a very thorough and rigorous process to become a prospective family.

Loving families that are ready to welcome a baby into their home.

Here is a sampling of some of the loving families that are ready to welcome a baby into their home, to love them and to raise them up to be a thriving adult!  Our adoptive families go through a very thorough and rigorous process to become a prospective family. This is such an important decision you are facing.  We want you to know that we only present to you families we trust, who have the ability to financially, emotionally and practically care for the life you are carrying as well as those that match what your desires are for post-adoption communication.

Those facing unplanned pregnancies can call 816.659.8235 to reach a birthparent coordinator.

Monique and Jacob

Monique and Jacob

Learn more about Monique and Jacob

Hello there!  Thank you for taking the time to consider us for your adoption plan!  We are Jake, Monique, and Adalyn.  We (Jake and Monique) grew up in the same town, so have known each other and each other’s families most of our lives.  We have been married eleven years.  We are lucky that we own our own business and both of us can work from home.  It allows us to spend lots of time together as a family and with our extended family—family is so important!

We are so excited at the possibility of adding to our family.  We have always wanted more children and are excited for God’s plan in making that possible.  God is central to our family!  We live in central Missouri and our daughter, Adalyn, attends a Christian School.  We also teach a Sunday School class for K/1st grade at our church and attend church services regularly.

We have prayed for you and your child!  We can only imagine how difficult this time must be for you, but we hope that you can find comfort in knowing that your child will receive unconditional love, support and encouragement.  We would cherish every moment with your child and would welcome them into our family as our own.  We would provide them with the most loving and caring environment and make sure that they would be happy and healthy.

Ashton and Bobby

Ashton and Bobby

Learn more about Ashton and Bobby

We both met in 2007 while we were at different colleges and quickly that we belonged together and we did what was necessary to make that happen!  After we were married in 2010, Ashton went back to college and finished her degree in Early Childhood and Elementary Education.  We both were raised in small towns and really enjoyed it.  We were so blessed to able to get that “small-town feel” by living just outside city – limits in the city where Bobby’s job is located.  We are in love, happy, and despite being away from family now and on our own, we have made wonderful friends.  Something was still missing.  We both were raised in the church, and just hadn’t found the right church for us.  Our friends invited us to church and now we call this church home.  Building our relationship with Christ has filled that void, and has brought us closer as a couple as well!


One of the hardest things we have faced individually and as a couple has been our inability to have children.   We, like many, have dreamed of having little versions of ourselves running around the house, making messes, wearing us out, making us laugh, and sharing our lives.  It is a devastating, emotional roller-coaster on which to be.  We have love to give to a child, and yet month after month, year after year, many doctor’s appointments later, we realized that is not in the cards for us and that is hard to face.  Although this has been painful, our faith in God’s plan for us hasn’t wavered.  We trust in the Lord that we are unable to have children because there is a child out there that was meant to be loved by us. We have been led down the road of adoption, and couldn’t have more peace and excitement about this journey. We have prayed for this child and can only dream of the day we get to meet him/her.


Through this adoption journey, we have not only prayed and thought about this child, but also for you.  We don’t take for granted the sacrifice that is made on your part.  We can’t imagine the different waves of feelings and emotions and struggles you have gone through during this pregnancy.  We want you to know your pain and sacrifices are going to produce the miracle of life! What an amazing gift to not only this precious life, and not just us, but to the world. Thank you.  Thank you for what you are doing.  You are brave. You are strong. You are doing the most selfless thing we can imagine, and there are no words to describe the appreciation we have for your sacrifice.


Thank You!


Hayley and Dallas

Hayley and Dallas

Learn more about Hayley and Dallas

We’ve been trying to grow our family since we married in 2002. While we have so much to be grateful for, including a nice home on some acreage in the

country, good careers, a close-knit family, pets, friends, our health and a strong relationship, we want so much to share it all with a little one. We have a lot of love to give and believe we are meant to be parents.

We would be truly honored to bring a baby into our home.  We are surrounded by loving and supporting family who can’t wait to see us as parents.  Our promise to you would be that this child will grow up in a happy and stable environment, with parents who will do everything in their power to help him/her reach their potential in life.  We promise that there will always be healthy food on the table and a warm bed to climb into at night.  Most of all, we commit to you that this child will be loved, supported and raised as if it were our own biological baby.

Mandy and Josh

Mandy and Josh

Learn more about Mandy and Josh

Dear expectant mother,

We’re beyond thrilled to become first time parents through adoption.  Your consideration when view our profile is something we truly appreciate.  Personality wise we are both very relaxed, kind, and loyal.  Outdoor activities are something we really love camping, fishing, riding ATV’s visiting national parks.  Animals are a big part of our lives currently we have one senior dog; she keeps life interesting.  One of the things we love most about our relationship is our communication skills and the support we have for one another

Mandy: I work as a nurse at a local hospital while I finish school to become a nurse practitioner.  I was involved in a lot of sports and activities as a child.  Growing up, I used to be very shy, being involved in these things helped me learn how to open up and enjoy trying new things. I really enjoy learning, especially through experiences.  I Love science fiction/horror movies, going to rock concerts, and making memories with friends.  I have a very close relationship with my sister Carrie and spend a lot of time with family. 

Josh: I work at a local hospital in the pharmacy as a technician. Growing up I was very close with my family and participated in a lot of functions and event with our church. This led to me understanding a strong sense of responsibility. I really enjoy spending time with loved ones and going out to see movies and have dinner. I’m very open to new experiences and very honest with how I react. My closest family member is my brother Casey and I feel like we are as tight as we could possibly be.

Angela and Bob

Angela and Bob

Learn more about Angela and Bob


Our names are Bob and Angela. We wanted to be parents for a long time, but never really knew how awesome it would be until we first laid eyes on our beautiful baby boy. We were blessed beyond words when our son’s birth-mother chose us to be his parents. We couldn’t be more grateful to her for her selfless, loving and brave decision. He is growing into an awesome young boy and is ready to be the most amazing big brother.

We live in a great house that is just begging to be filled as our little family grows. It’s in a top-rated school district and has almost 3 acres to run and play along with a swimming pool. We feel like we get a little vacation every day right at home. We enjoy our lives very much with lots of time spent with our little boy playing outside in the fresh air, swimming, traveling and good times with our big loving family and friends.

We are so blessed with the life we have and are anxious for our little family to grow. We can envision waking up to squeals of joy Christmas morning and family vacations filled with sun and sand as we jump in the waves and build sandcastles on the shore. Every birthday will be a fantastic celebration. And the little moments too. Snuggling up with books, coloring pictures together, playing catch and helping with homework. We will raise our children with unconditional love and guide them as they grow into amazing people. Strong and compassionate, intelligent and funny, honest, adventurous and inquisitive. We wish you all the best as you make this most important decision.

Audra and Mike

Audra and Mike

Learn more about Audra and Mike

Hello!! We are Mike and Audra. A little about ourselves..  Mike has 1 older brother who were both adopted from Catholic Charities.  Audra has 2 older brothers.  Between us, we have 7 beautiful nieces and nephews ranging in age from 22-2. We are both very close to our families and enjoy spending time and going on family vacations with them, we have longed for the time to add a little one into these moments.  We enjoy traveling, mostly to warmer climate ;), but are excited to spend vacations with our child.  Overall we love to be outdoors, playing golf, yard work, taking the boat on the river, having BBQ’s on our patio, and when the weather turns cold, getting out the sleds. 

We cannot imagine how you are feeling, but it’s admirable how much strength you have for choosing this journey.  As an adopted child, Mike is thankful everyday about the decision to be placed for adoption, and the life he has had as a result.  We want you to know that your child will always be proud of you and your strength to make this decision. We pray for God to give you the strength during and after this process.  We hope that we can continue this journey with you.

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