A Veteran’s Redemption Story

By Tyler Harper, SSVF Case Manager at CCKCSJ

I remember the hot moist air once our boots hit the ground command needed us moving. Our task was very important and the individuals we would be working with were highly classified. We were given orders to be unpacked and to the main conference building for a briefing. Once the briefing was completed, we were issued gear the identification of the individual we would be escorting, the pickup time, and a photo to identify the contact.

Once we identified the contact, we made sure the vehicle was secure and brought the individual to the meeting point in a secure building. We then posted security on the outside of the building. Checking ID’s and for any weapons of the personnel entering the building due to safety procedures. We had completed the mission for the day and were ordered back to the main conference building where we received our debriefing and given our next task for us to complete.

For the next 9 months we were given the task of exterior security, a highly important and respected job for a classified location on base. We were issued our gear first thing in the morning and would do a security sweep for any possible breaches in the exterior barrier. We were to report any issues immediately once identified, failure would end in termination of the soldier who did not do so. This individual would be debriefed down ranked and given another task. The next 9 months would be the toughest in my military career following strict rules and guidelines for such an important task.

Once the order was given our team would be relieved and another task team would take over. We rejoiced for we knew soon after we would be headed home.

We are thankful and humbled to help Veterans get back on their feet after their service. We offer many programs to assist Veterans and their families to ensure they remain housed, find jobs, and get VA assistance. Please call 816.659.8263 or email veterans@ccharities.com to learn more.

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