By Karen Noel, CEO

We are all familiar with the image of a small, stooped woman clothed in a white and blue habit, bending over a child, or a dying person, in a hospital or on the streets of her community. She always appears to be so tiny in stature – yet her impact is still felt across the globe. We seek to replicate her example of daily acts of selflessness and compassion every day at Catholic Charities. 

We know the impact of listening to the men and women who come to us for assistance. We know the value of having another person care enough to hear their stories and help them see a way out of the poverty that pervades their daily existence. We know that life can be so much better for our at-risk neighbors, and we dedicate our time every day to making that happen. 



I’m proud of how our staff serves our families in crisis. However, I’m very aware that it will take many, many more hands than the people we employ. You see, it’s not just the work for social workers and counselors: we are all called to care for and take action on behalf of those whose life is threatened by poverty’s barriers.

Mother Teresa’s feast day, September 5th is the perfect opportunity to connect heart and action in care for the most vulnerable of our community. I ask you to use your skills, knowledge, time, and resources to be part of this work. Volunteer in our office or with one of our programs – especially our new food pantry operations. Assist men and women in our employment services workshops to develop their resumes and prep for that all-important job interview. 

Please make a donation of any size in honor of Mother Teresa. 

She spoke often about the ripple effect of kindness and charity – know that every dollar contributed to Catholic Charities is put to work changing lives. 

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