Have you ever met someone or had a conversation with a friend that absolutely turned your day around? Maybe they shared a funny story, or joined you in being excited about something great that had just happened. Maybe they were there at the exact moment that you really needed a word of encouragement or a helping hand. After that moment with that special person, your day was so much better, your steps a little lighter, your smile a little quicker to appear.  

It’s amazing what one encounter can do.  

This is even more true for the families who come to Catholic Charities in search of assistance. I often describe the physical change in their appearance after they meet with one of our compassionate staff members. The weight of the world is obvious in their eyes and even their posture as they walk into our lobby. On the way out, it’s almost like a different person. The relief is visible on their faces and in their stride: you can actually see hope restored. It’s a beautiful, amazing sight.  

That’s the ripple effect: one encounter that alleviates a crisis doesn’t merely pay an electric bill, it opens up the possibility of making positive life changes that lead to stability. That feels so good and it’s just the beginning. We Serve and we Lift. The support we give men and women as they seek a job, learn to manage their finances, catch up on their bills, work with a case manager to stabilize their family and raise their children  impacts them and  changes the course of life for their children, and their children’s children. When we empower one person to overcome poverty’s barriers, we change and stabilize generations.  

It’s the Giving Season –we are grateful for your financial support and asking you to consider a Christmas donation which will support our at-risk neighbors in the coming months.  Watch your mailbox for our request –  which speaks of making a ripple and changing lives. Each donation impacts families in need. Please make a ripple – create a wave – start a tsunami – and invest in the life changing mission of Serving and Lifting those most in need.  

I send my prayers to you and your family for a blessed Advent and a joyful Christmas season. May the coming of the Christ Child bring you hope and peace each and every day in the coming year. And as always, I am so grateful for your prayers, support, and care for our vulnerable neighbors.  

Karen Noel


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